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As I was coming to the end of my second year of university I felt the sword of Damocles over my head. Here I was careering to the end of my life as a student and soon I would have nothing to show for it, but debts and a BA (Hons) in Theatre.

I know that making a career as a performance artist is not easy, but I also know that it’s what I’m going to do, whether I like it or not. So for my third year project, I decided to start the Exit Stage Left Podcast, mainly as a resource for myself, but also for other young artists in need of advice and guidance on how to begin their careers.
I’ve often held the belief that the best way to learn is from people who have been there before and so the Podcast is a coming together of performance artists from a variety of disciplines and career stages to discuss their lives, their work and the challenges facing young artists today.

The Exit Stage Left Podcast would not be possible without help from the Glynn Vivian art gallery and Joe Gibb.




Thanks to all below for their contribution to this project.

Tom Goddard - Artist

Joe Gibb - Producer

Flipsy McCaw

Tommy D - Producer/Songwriter  theoneandonlytommyd